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Functionalized 2D Materials for a Safe and
Efficient Electrochemical Energy Storage


Who we are

Boron Nitride Power LLC (BNP-LLC) is an intellectual property holding company that develops and licenses intellectual property in the field of electrochemical energy storage.

What we do

We develop functionalized 2D materials to achieve simultaneously high energy and power density electrochemical energy storage with thermal stability and environmentally benign and economic composition.


Our cathode materials include -OBF3 functionalized hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) and graphene and are improved versions of the well known graphene oxide cathode, especially in terms of thermal stability. Similarly to the graphene oxide cathode, the -OBF3 functionalized hBN and graphene cathodes can be applied with lithium and sodium anodes and potentially with magnesium as well.


These cathodes can be applied either with liquid or solid electrolytes. Furthermore, they may also serve as multifunctional battery materials that can play the role of cathode active species, solid electrolyte, electroconductive additive, membrane, and dendrite free anode coating depending on their local state of charge in the battery. Such multifunctional materials further enable the robust manufacturing of energy storage devices.

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